Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chicoro's LOC Method

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Debbie Designer said...

Hi Chicoro,

I have been reading more and more on porosity which I have found very informative. You touched on it in your video but I am interested in learning more. I thought porosity had to deal with how porous your hair shaft is, i.e., if your hair cuticle is relatively flat and sealed and therefore makes it harder for anything to penetrate it versus high porosity hair which has hair cuticles that remain up and allow product, oils, etc. to penetrate but since they do not lay flat, they are just as quickly and easily evaporated. I have several questions:

1. Can you please expound on this subject more and discuss the different oils that can help penetrate versus seal the hair shaft
2. What benefit does aloe vera jell (or juice) have on the hair especially the ph balance of the hair and the hair cuticle.
3. Have you heard of or used Bentonite Clay as as cleanser/moisturizer.

I have several more questions but will start with these. My hair has some length but is extremely coily and no matter much i stretch it through braids or twists, it will quickly shrink close to my scalp and become very coarse and thick. I can't determine what to do to help my hair retain the moisture and not shrink back to my scalp. Help!