Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unkindness is Ignorance

 When a person says mean things or does means things, they are ignorant because they do not realize their power.  Over and over, when people are unkind, this signifies that they are not happy. They are discontent with who they are as a person or they are not satisfied with their life situation. What they don't realize is that they have the power to change how they feel within and they have the power to change the manifestations of their outer or external life. They just don't know. They are ignorant. It's not up to us to control what others say or do. What you can do is control what you say and do. You are also able to develop a profound understanding of what is occurring around you. That way, instead of reacting, you can immediately recognize what is going on, pull back, make a thoughtful assessment instead of lashing out instinctively to protect yourself. Let me show you what I mean.
When I was in high school, I remember waking up this particular day to put special care and attention into picking out my outfit. I did my hair and make-up, too. I felt really good and thought that I looked so cute. I got to class and this really popular and pretty girl came up to me. I was surprised because she never really spoke to me before. She stood directly in front of me, made eye contact, looked me up and down in my face and said,"Ahm, no. Go home and try again." Then she walked away. At the time, I was very confused as to why someone who was so pretty and popular would make such an obvious effort to be unkind. In retrospect, I now realize that with all that seemed to be going well for her on the outside, she was unhappy on the inside. She was ignorant of the fact that she could change her situation. There was one other component of which she was not aware as well.
Words are very powerful. They are full of energy. Words are tangible components. The voice produces waves that can be measured and tracked. What you say, what you think and what you feel are very powerful. Your words can build up a person or tear him or her down. THAT'S how powerful they are. THAT'S how powerful YOU are.
The next time someone says something that you perceive to be unkind or they do something you don't like, instead of tallying it up as another hurt, analyze it with your mind. That person's unkindness has NOTHING to do with you. It has every thing to do with how they feel about themselves. Don't react and take it personally. I know this can be so difficult to do, yet will save you so much life energy 'at the end of the day'.
That is because you realize that a person's unkindness toward others is a reflection of how they truly feel about themselves and is a symptom of their ignorance of their own personal power. Instead of letting their mean words and insensitive actions yield power over you to hurt you, see it for what it really is: their belief in that they have no power. It is a LACK of power on their part.

Use this knowledge to empower yourself. Try to refrain from turning around and throwing their ignorance in their face. Be the bigger person. That is because you are the bigger person. You know the strength and the depth of your power and thus, that of others.

Don't react and say something back to hurt the person or to protect yourself. Why not? Because it's not who you are. Why allow someone else make you act in such a way that is not a reflection of who you really are? Why allow someone to change who you are? You are not mean or unkind. Lashing out will make you seem as if you are.

It's not necessary. You are powerful in knowledge of who your are. You know that you can change your internal or external compass if your situation is currently not to your liking.  You don't have to lash out. You just simply need to change your thoughts, and  your actions will follow and what you envision for yourself will manifest in time.
Embrace the power that you have. Be aware of it. Use it to beautify yourselves,  those around you, and our world, bit by bit!


Laci Jo said...

Love this! Such wise words Chicoro.

Shirley said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

tay♥ said...

Thank you for sharing this brilliant insight Chicoro!

BevoG said...

I needed this. Thank you.

uchenna Ezeonyeka said...

wow.. very insightful

nanda said...

Chicoro, congratulations, your magnificent post. I am Brazilian, and I admire you.

nanda said...

Chicoro, congratulations, your magnificent post. I am Brazilian, and I admire you.

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Ar said...

I just rebuke them and their words of unkindness and ignorance!

Adetoun Ajeigbe said...

Lovely. Thanks you

F4LSteve said...

Chicoro -
I never knew where you went when you left CR or how to contact you, but I happened upon your blog today. Your posts reminded me of the emails you used to send (and several made me cry!). You're such a beautiful soul and I miss you. Hope all is going well in your life (though I worry because you haven't posted to this blog for a while). If you want to drop me a note, you can get my email from Ramona.

All the best,
Steve M.