Sunday, March 31, 2013

Billions of Lights

Have you ever slunk into a room because you weren't feeling so attractive that day? Have you ever walked across a room brushing against the wall so you don't step too far out into the middle of the floor and be seen and attract attention? Have you ever played down your accomplishments or achievements because you didn't want to take the attention off someone else? Have you ever tried to tamp down your shine so you won't make others uncomfortable?

I used to do it all the time. It wasn't because I thought I was so fabulous and wonderful, it was because of just the opposite. I listened to the lies of others around me who reminded me of my place: average, quiet and in the corner. They reminded of my place because it was where they had been living when they encountered me. Since that was the space they occupied, of course the expectation was that I should occupy that space, too.

Let's talk about cells. There is a connection. In theory, a healthy functioning cell, within the human body works much like a spark or a battery. When there is plenty of oxygen around the cell membrane and the right material within the core of the cell, a miniature flame or spark is created and the cell revs up. The healthier the human body, the more light it supposedly emits. Now, if you have a billion cells in your body and they are emitting light, what's that make you look like if you are trying to turn down the lights so you're not shining as bright as you can? How much sense does it make to try to turn out billions of lights? Oh, and let me remind you that ahm, cells are constantly being created. So even if you did turn out the billions of lights, you would STILL not be able to tamp out all that light completely.

Stop dimming your lights because some misguided, unhappy person, with diminished light is trying to tell you that you are shining too brightly. The essence of who you are is light and shine. Could a billion cells be wrong? The next time you feel the need to play down your achievements, your accomplishments and who you are, think twice. In fact, think a billion times. You were made to shine, literally and figuratively. I hope you never hold back, or make excuses for who you are. Be yourself and do your thing, beautifully! Every day, let that little light shine bit by bit!