Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Pit-Stop of "Doubt and Pain"

A pit stop is defined as a brief rest, especially during a journey. The pit stop of "Doubt and Pain" is the place you may  find yourself at some point in your life, during your journey. In the big picture, your 'rest' there, too, will only be brief. Even the greatest of us have moments of doubt and pain.
In these moments,  of great doubt and pain, your detractors (haters) will be present, too! Not only that, they will ensure that they make themselves known to you.
You may experience:
  1. The moment when doubt slams into your carefully laid out path and plans.
  2. The moment when the pain is so intense and consuming that your heart will actually ache and you can barely take your next breath.
  3. The moment when your detractors (haters) will grin with glee as they watch you pass through your doubt and pain, relishing and enjoying every moment of your discomfort.
These things like to come together, like Three Sisters. These, too, will pass. Actually, YOU will pass THEM by.
When these three things come up, remind yourself and know that you are on a journey. You are moving, sailing into the sunset; a place of glorious light filled promise-toward your future successes. Your detractors, well, they are firmly planted on the shore, unmoving, stuck.
Eventually, you will be triumphant.
During our moments of triumph, we hardly give our detractors a second thought. I would encourage you to try to catapult yourself to your moment of triumph right now at these low moments.  When you are suspended in the throes of your moment of  doubt and  pain, with your detractors onlooking and salivating, make them [your detractors] as insignificant right now as they will be when you are triumphant. Use your mind and heart to project yourself to that place and time in the future. Try to create that future in your heart and mind when you need it, when the Three Sisters are present.
As for the doubt and pain, it's just a pit-stop, a temporary place for you.  You are just passing through. As for your detractors, well, they are rooted to the ground, mired in a permanent tar pit of unhappiness. They may never get out.  That's not  your issue or concern. I'll take a pit-stop over a tar-pit any day. You move on from a pit-stop. It's hard to escape a tar-pit. Your successes and triumphs are waiting and gently beckoning  you to ease on down the road. So pull up to the bumper, keep it running, and then get going. Beautify bit by bit!


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