Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are you stuck in a rut? Or planted to bloom and blossom?

The passport was up to date, my money was ready and my itinerary was set. I couldn't believe it! I was actually ready to take my dream trip. Since it would be some extended time off, I decided to do my routine check-ups. One more to go in December! Well, to make a long story short, one of my tests came back abnormal. The results indicated that I could possibly be seriously ill. I had planned to leave and take my trip the second week in January. Unfortunately, the specialist to whom I was referred, was not availabe until two weeks after my departure date. I couldn't go on my trip. 

I was devastated and angry. I had been planning my trip for so long. The only reason I had gotten the tests done was to have my routine check-ups before I embarked on my trip. I wanted to verify that I had a clean bill of health. Yet, my trip was not to be. I was stuck.

Or was I?           

A few weeks later an opportunity to work abroad arose for somone close to me. It was painful and difficult to witness because I had been planning a trip abroad and had it aborted right from under my feet. Here it was now, someone that I knew was going abroad instead of me. This person hadn't even planned to go. It left an envious lump in my throat.

Since I was still in town, I was able to take care of his pets and his house. He could focus on his job at hand and be worry free.  While he was there, he was able to fully develop some skills he had been nurturing. In fact, one of his counterparts was not only an expert in the area my friend was learning, this counterpart was generous and very forthcoming with his knowledge. He helped my friend raise his level of expertise within  this very esoteric, specialized area.   

My friend was able to use his new found skills on a project and hone them during the two months he was abroad. When he came back, he applied for another job on a Thursday and was given an offer for the position the following Tuesday. He was able to get the job because of the skills he had recently developed during his assignment overseas two months earlier. Had he not gone, he would not have refined those skills so quickly. He was able to take the job abroad because I was here to house sit for him. Ironically, he is working in a place that cares for people with health issues. He is gifted at what he does and I know that he is going to impact many lives in a positive way.  

Also, during this no-you-aint-taking-no-trip time, someone else I know was stricken with cancer. He once said to me one evening prior to his illness, " When you say 'goodbye' in the evening, you remind me of my favorite cousin and it tickles me every time." From January to March I saw him become emaciated and energy deprived. Some days he was so weak he had to brace himself against his desk to remain standing for a few minutes. I thought about his cousin that he had so lovingly mentioned and asked him if I could give her a call. I called her and told her that her cousin, my co-worker, needed a strong advocate. She cried and told me she was afraid for her beloved cousin.  I told her that he needed for her to lift him up. I explained that he was staying strong for his children and his wife and that he needed someone to help him to be strong: he needed her.  She surprised him by coming to his home for his birthday that Saturday.  She told me he was very moved by her presence. I could hear the joy and peace in her voice when she told me about her weekend spent with him and his family. My co-worker shared his joy with me that Monday upon our return to work from the weekend. Had I been on my trip, I would not have been there to bolster his cousin and she would not have extended herself to buoy her cousin, my co-worker. She told me she had not wanted to 'impose' on her cousin. Her presence during his birthday Saturday was not an imposition. It was a wonderful decision!                        

Even though you think you are ready to go, and move on, it may not be time to do so, yet or ever. It does not mean that you are stuck or that you have failed. It may mean that your presence is necessary to help  another. In order for something to bloom it must grow. In order for something to grow, it must be planted and not be mobile. For now, I have been planted. I know in my heart that I am to bloom right where I am planted. I am to radiate beauty and impart it into the lives of those around me, in the form of providing support to them.

Don't be let down by the outcome of this story. Because of this temporary delay, I was able to save more money for my trip. In addition to this, I found out about an alternate way to travel that will be far more comfortable and less expensive than I had initially planned. Had I taken my trip, I would have missed this opportunity!

Most importantly, I realize that I am not stuck. I received a message that was very loud and clear. I interpreted it to mean that it is necessary for me to stay and bloom where I have been planted.  Instead of the bloom fading from me, the rose petals of my Soul's vibrancy intensify on a daily basis. I am grateful for the opportunity to add beauty to the life of another because I am blossoming where I have been planted. 

When you feel like you are stuck, stop and think. If you feel like you have done all that you can to move on and you are weary from the attempts, but you have yet to move on, perhaps you too are intended to blossom where you have been planted. Blossoming is not a failure. To the contrary, a bloom confirms the presence of life,  ensconced and embraced by the loving warmth of the sun, fed by the nutrients of the Earth and quenched by rain from the heavens.  Share the beauty of your bloom with those around you where you are planted, right now. Beautify bit by bit!           


thebookwormgiraffe said...

Thankyou! Keep writing Chicoro,fromtime to time!

The Dock said...

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Alessandra said...

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não é mesmo , me desculpe se por uma acaso este recadinho te incomodar ,é que é o único jeito de
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fico esperando por vc
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Tyana Cambridge said...

Thank you so much for this message. I am going through a similar situation and came across this blog at just the right time.