Saturday, March 31, 2012

BE+ DO + HAVE = Your Dream

I used to think that in order to accomplish my dreams I had to have certain things, like money and opportunity. By having those things, I could do things like travel. By doing the travel, I could be the person I wanted to be, such as be a person who lived or travelled extensively abroad. But it seems that the order is just the opposite. It is not have, do and be. It is be, do and have.
I have a voracious appetite for books, particularly self help books. Some of my favorite self help books are on creating the life that is ideal for me. Those books range from positive thinking to creative visualization, to the law of attraction and even religious based books. I started reading these types of books when I was in high school. My mother gave me, "The Magic of Believing" to help adjust my funky, adolescent attitude.
I believe that life balances out for each person in the end. Even for the individual, there seems to be a movement toward some kind of equilibrium or middle ground. All of us, no matter who we are, experience sorrow and joy. Life is often referred to as being bittersweet, a word that captures this mixed bag we get as we live our lives.
The interesting part is that I think that although there is a balance, still we can reach our dreams. Think about going up a ladder perched against a wall. As you climb the ladder perhaps your right foot is on the ladder rung above the left foot. Then what happens? The left foot is lifted and joins the right foot on the same rung. Although there is balance and sameness and equilibrium, you are still advancing toward the top to your goal or dream.
As you 'live on', you may experience tremendous ups and tremendous downs. Being who you want to become starts in your heart and your mind. You make a decision and a commitment. Hopefully, the decision is well thought out and you are concious of it. But for example, if you were surprised by someone telling you or pointing out that you are too often negative or critical, then you are making a decision to be a certain way, but I doubt you were conscious of it. Try to be
conscious of your choices and decisions at all times.
Being [who you hope to be] requires nothing external to yourself. It just requires a shift in your belief and your thinking. When you do that, experiences may come into your life that will require you to do something or take action. The person you decide to be or believe yourself to be will determine what you do, which actions you take. Actions include how you react to what is done or said to you and includes the choices you make.
The choices you make, what you do, will determine what you have. If you choose and decide to spend your money and eat out for lunch and dinner frequently, you're probably going to have less money than if you cooked at home and brought a lunch. What you have, whether that be experiences, a loving relationship or a possession, are gauges for whether or not you are moving toward or have reached your dreams.
Don't be afraid to live, to love. People that we love are going to die. We ourselves will one day pass on. Your current circumstances may even look dire and bleak. Maybe you are broke and can't figure out from where the next dollar is going to come. Maybe you are heartbroken. Perhaps your significant other has revealed him or herself to be someone, who had you truly known, you would have run as fast as possible away from. Perhaps you are experiencing a health crisis and your body is broken and ill.
I say, find whatever symbol of courage or talisman you can find and make it tangible. Because ready or not, life is going to come your way. Maybe you can keep a sheriff badge in your purse, or a lion that represents the formerly cowardly but now courageous lion. Maybe, it's a religious verse or even a miniature of the religious book itself you want to carry around. Fortify yourself to be able to stand up and face and embrace what life is bringing. Don't run, embrace it and face it.
Then, if you don't want it you tell yourself that you don't believe these circumstances and look around and beyond the situation. Figure out how to get through it. Determine what you need to do to move past the situation. The result is what you will have.
Do not be discouraged when it comes to your dreams. You have the capability to move toward your dream every day. Dream grasping is a process. The first thing is to be who you want to be. That just takes belief and faith. No one has to know what is going on inside you. Just with those two things you become who you want to be. In that instant. In the moment that you decide. To do that takes thought and thought has energy. Energy is tangible and real. When you instantly become who you wish to be on the inside, you start to do the things that person would do. Those actions then begin to manifest in your outer, external world in a form that you can see, experience and touch. You start to have what that person would have, including your dreams.
Sometimes you must go through very painful experiences. We take action not when we are complacent and content, but when we are in pain. We do whatever we can to move away from the pain. Those actions, if selected conciously, may expand who we are and change us from who we used to be to who we wish to be.
I'll give an example for me. I dreamed of having long, healthy, hair that hung to my waist when it was straightened. It is no longer a dream but something that I possess, that I have.
I decided in my mind to be the woman with healthy waist length hair. It started in my mind, in that instant because of the decision. Although you wouldn't have known it looking at my crunchy, chewed up, armpit length hair ends that were whitened from damage. I believed it and I had faith. Then I started to take actions that coincided with my belief of who I believed myself to be. I started to learn about hair and take action to protect and preserve it. After awhile, I started to have longer hair. Then I reached my dream.
Although your life circumstance may have one foot on a lower rung right now, let me encourage you to look for and find some joy that is present in all of our lives, to help lift that foot that is lower on the ladder, to bring some equilibrium to your life and give you rest in your Spirit.
No matter what is going on or how lofty your dream, become who you wish to be by making a decion right now, today. Believe it and have faith. Take the actions that the person you have decided to now become would take. Little by little, you will start to see in your life what that person would have. The result just may be attaining your dream or some variation of your dream, which may be even better than you imagined.
BE+DO+HAVE=Your Dreams. I sincerely believe that is the order. The great thing is that at this very moment YOU can work on your dreams. Shift your thoughts and be that person now. The rest will follow.


Lina40 said...

timely, powerful, and memorable. I always find strength in your posts. Thank you for continuing to encourage us.

MrsCiti said...

Wow! I really needed this.... Thank you for taking the time to write this post. Thank you

alx said...

Thanks for the post Chicoro.

I wrote about struggling through my grad program a few months back, and I am still going strong, keeping my head up to achieve my dreams.

Thank you.

naturallysweetkandi said...

Very inspiring, thank you

thebookwormgiraffe said...

Just what i needed to hear,i'm starting with my visualisation now of what i want.and being that..and then working towards it.Thank you so much for this post.its touched my heart.