Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't Waste Your Breath, Even If It's Only 21 Grams

There is a saying in English that references a person's passing. It is called, "Giving Up the Ghost." This saying is all over the world. Another idea that is all over the world is that when someone dies, after death, individuals consistently weigh 21 grams less than when they were alive.

As babies, we breathe deep from our diaphrams. As adults the breath seems to rise a bit higher and moves and seems to originate from our chest. When people are ill and begin to leave and release their lives, the breath moves to the throat. When the breath moves to the throat during this time, some people refer to this sound as a death rattle. Then, the breath moves to the mouth. It then ceases to travel or move.

When a person dies, the most common thing we say is that the person is no longer breathing. Others are more specific. They say that the breath has not stopped, it has just left and gone. Continuing on this same path, the breath for many, is the essence of what gives us life. Could it be this breath, that stops or maybe that leaves, is that which accounts for this 21 gram loss?

Our lives are precious. Our energy is precious. But without breath, both would cease to exist. How often have you heard it said, or even you yourself said, "Don't waste your breath!" I would like to say the same to you as well, but in a gentle whisper, free of all admonishment.

Don't waste your breath. Cherish it. Cultivate it. Retain it as long as it is with you and as long as you are gifted with it.

Never underestimate its power to console a frightened child. The power of the pace of your breath to signal to your lover the pleasure that you feel, without having to express a single word. Although your breath might only weigh a mere 21 grams, that has no bearing upon the significance or mighty role it plays in our every day life: From end to end, from cradle to grave.

So, don't waste your breath to speak negativity, unkind words or gossip. Don't waste your breath, the heaving of your chest to rail against a personal attack others may raise against you. Save your precious breath. Use the oxygen to repair and build up the world, starting with the inside of your body, through the intake of oxygen, then extend this healing out to others, for the purpose of uplifting them as well.

Save your precious breath. Afterall, oxygen is a key ingredient for radiant beauty. Use your breath, that mere 21 grams, to greatly enhance the world in which you dwell and walk, and beautify yourself and the world bit by bit.


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Thanks for sharing this. Its very inspirational, pun intended. LOL! ;-)

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我們必須先有哭泣,才有歡笑;也必須先感到人生的悲哀,然後才感到人生的快樂。 ..................................................