Sunday, July 26, 2009

L and F Insurance Used to be Life and Fire Insurance...Not Anymore!

Life and Fire insurance were the two things I immediately thought of when I would see L & F insurance. Forget Life and Fire insurance - I mean keep it for your home and for your everyday part of life and expand it.

L and F is now for location and financial, insurance has been changed to, "Independence!"

That's right, I am talking about Location and Financial Independence. The world is changing. We all know that if the world starts to blow, and the shuttle takes off for new places, the only one of us likely to have a seat is the one hanging onto the turbo boosters and that will be because you jumped and grabbed on when it took off - and the fire was too hot for somebody official to risk it and stop you!

"The world is changing!" I say. It has long gone past get a degree, get a job and live happily ever after. That guarantee disappeared with the 20 year career at one company.

Location Independence is about setting up the way you earn money so that you can be independent of a building, a city, a country or even a region. It's about leveraging the technology that is here today and coming tomorrow, to create a business model to use the skills you have have honed on the job, to create a life independent of a job, a company or a place.

Financial independence is about setting up the way you earn money so that you can be independent of a corporation or a job that dictates what you have to do and how you have to do it.

Do I advocate that we all just get up and quit our jobs and go home to figure out how to have the new L & F insurance of today? No way! It is first a shiftng of your thinking, a gradual movement that changes your way of looking at the world.

Okay, so what does that have to do with you all?

"The world is changing," I say!

I sound sort of like Paul Revere when he was riding across town saying, "The British are coming! The British are coming!"

Start looking at your skills. What is it about what you do at your job that you can leverage and make your own, for your own business, for your own financial independence?

Start looking at your skills. What is it about what you do at your job that you can leverage and make your own, for your own business, for your location independence?

It is no longer about staying at a brick and mortar facility, going in day in and day out at a place that you might not want to be.

It's about creating systems, processes and leveraging technology so that you can earn while you sleep, or can be in one place enjoying a tropical sunset or maybe the snow on the slopes or maybe just enjoying unhindered and uninterrupted time with your family.

People have been doing this for years. Technology is making it easier for more of us to be able to join the location and financial independent. Don't get me wrong, it is not about get rich type deals or network marketing or selling from door to door. Indeed, you can get your L & F in place with by pursuing these paths --- but there are so many others. It is limitless.

Too often I see people put up with the maltreatment from a lousy boss, because they have bills to pay and they think they just have to take it. If you are financially independent, you are still going to have problems, but you don't have to put up with a boss who demeans you. That's how so many people go on a shooting rampage at their jobs. They feel so helpless and beat down, that 'taking somebody off the set' seems to be their only way out. Note: I know none of you would do this!

Too often I see people waiting until they are dry, crusty, sick or almost dead before they see another place, before they pursue their dreams, before they do what makes them happy. In the meantime, because they might be miserable, they make others around them miserable as well....Wait a minute - this may be the source of the lousy boss - perhaps he or she is unfulfilled and unhappy as well. Maybe you could talk to that lousy boss about getting some L & F 'insurance' in place.

The world is changing.

Although you can't anticipate how, why, when or where the world will change, you know that tomorrow will not look like today. Control as much as you can- that which is in YOUR sphere of control. Be accountable and responsible for YOU. That means, take some of the control out of the environment. Start creating processes and procedures and businesses that put some earnings in your pocket while you sleep or are away from the office, that are independent of your


If you are worried about money, worse, if you don't have any money, that can be a real downer on your looks and on your beauty. You may be down, but not necessarily out! As long as you have breath in your body, you are never out for the count.
Start thinking about it today.
NOT when you are
Laid off
Overlooked or
Asked to leave.

Automate your processes, don't make it so that you have to be "on" 24/7 to earn your living. If you sit down and think about it, study about it, something will come up. It may be a trickle today. But hey, the mighty rock carvings impacted by water, happened a drop at a time, right!

Think about L & F insurance. That's what insurance is for, right? To cover you in time of need? And don't we say, "It is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it?"

Get yourselves in a position of having it and not needing it. Because we all know that when that rocket ship takes off for new worlds, that it is very unlikely somebody is going to give US a ticket for free. Too often, not only is that ticket not freely given, the price is often too steep for many of us to pay. So I say, start building your vessel today.

Worry and lack are two big stressors. You know that financial stress or any kind of stress is like a drug, it eats into your beauty and ravages it until you are just a spector of what you once were.

Keep that traditional L & F Insurance and add some modern insurance to it. Start building your location and financially independent lifestyle. That's good beauty insurance. It allows you to sleep at night. We all know that there isn't anything better for beauty than some quality rest and sleep. Ensure and insure your beauty for tomorrow!


Mara said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I just graduated in PR and have been worried about finding a job. I start a contract PR job next week, but I continue to freelance write on a small scale. However, I'm improving my Web and graphic design skills so that I can eventually live comfortably on my freelance work. Thanks for giving others hope. :-)

Chicoro said...

Hi Mara,
Congratulations on your upcoming job assignment! Completing your degree is a wonderful accomplishment as well. Kudos to you for that, too!

No matter the economy, being new in ANY economy can have its challenges. I think you have the right mind set and you will be successful. I also think that it is important that you look toward developing skills that you can leverage as your own, as you are doing.

The sooner you get this kind of thinking, the sooner you will be able to develop wealth and an income apart from a 'job'.

I would strongly suggest that you think about what is your ideal situation and create a WRITTEN plan with the date you plan to get there. Then take that information and post it so that you can see it on a regular basis.

Don't let anyone or anything discourage you. Focus on yourself and keep going. You will get there.

Laquita said...

Great post :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great post. I have to think about this because it is definitely apt to me right now.

Monica said...

Thank You!!

Agatha said...

Such inspirational and empowering blogs you have here Chicoro. I was very motivated by them and thank you so much for sharing them with us.