Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shift Your Thinking and You Will Shift Your World

There are things in this world which are probable, meaning perhaps they can happen, but it is unlikely that they will happen. There are things in this world that are possible, and they can happen and are likely to happen. Come here and let me tell you a secret....

In this world, YOU can never really know whether something is unlikely or likely to happen. Two events come to mind for me: the running of a mile under four (4) minutes by Roger Bannister and the election of a Black President.

If you want something, let the world tell you it is not possible, but please don't tell yourself that. You have absolutely no Earthly idea what your capabilities are until you are in that situation.

Put your name in the Universal hat. If you are not in the game, you have no chance to win. How do you get your name in the hat? Put your intention out to the world, fold it into your heart, put it at the forefront of your mind. Write it down, keep it in front of you in your purse, on your mirror, in a special book, and take one action every day that relates to that intention or goal. Think about how you can accomplish it upon arising. Give it to your subconscious upon retiring for bed. Your subconscious needs material...to whisper the answer in your ear like a tender lover, when you least expect it!

The mere fact that you are taking action toward that goal indicates that a shift has ocurred. When you DECIDE on a goal and DECIDE to take an action toward it, you have SHIFTED your thinking. When you shift your thinking, you then enable yourself to SHIFT your actions. When you SHIFT your actions, you eventually SHIFT your world. All those shifts will definitely put you in a different space and place. Why not get there INTENTIONALLY?

Jaime Foxx's Living Color character called Wanda, had one thing right in my opinon. Because she believed it, and said it, "I will rock your world," sometimes with conviction and sometimes without it, eventually it was going to happen. If you think about, she did rock the worlds of all the men she encountered. Maybe not in the way she intended, but there was a shift for them.

You are neither ugly nor need to act 'unintentionally'. No need to rock a man's world. Baby, go rock your own world FIRST. The power to do so is in your hands.

Shift your thinking and you WILL shift your world and eventually, somebody else's, too.

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