Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lotus Flower: Symptoms versus Core Problems

A blurb on the cover of a popular women's magazine caught my eye. It read something like, "Fifty Tips to Make You Beautiful in 2009". I excitedly paged through the magazine until I found the article. My excitement drained a way like blood from a gushing wound. Let's look at the source of the bloodletting I experienced.

"If you have red eyes, use a white liner inside the eye. This will make your eyes seem brighter."

"If you have bags and dark circles under your eyes, use a yellow based concealer to minimize them."

Then the article really messed up.
"If you have thin hair, put some hairspray on it to give it volume. If your hair is breaking put it in an updo..."

Ahmmm, "Nooooooooooooooooooo!" There was more, so much more. You should have seen me talking back to the magazine, sucking my teeth and rolling my eyes. This article and others like them truly do women a DIS-SERVICE. Did I spell that right? Articles like these feed into the instant gratification syndrome. These kinds of articles help perpetuate dealing with the surface level as opposed to dealing with what lies below. Dealing with symptoms is the surface and dealing with problems are two different things.

If your eyes are bloodshot, you need to look at your food, your lifestyle, the hours you keep, your internal systems. The same goes for bags and jacked up unhealthy hair. Covering up issues just covers up the problem.

Lotus flowers grow in India. The lotus root is eaten and used in many Asian dishes. The lotus flower represents purity for some cultures. The interesting thing about the Lotus flower is that it has petals within petals. The deeper you go into the flower, the more petals you seem to find.

Many people start their hair journey and experience many obstacles and successes. Then they start looking at other areas such as their food and health.

Have you ever started eating better and caring for yourself, started healing and then have another health issue crop up? Did you notice I used "issue" and not problem?

Our bodies want to keep us healthy and alive. Hair is part of that system and can be, but not always is, a barometer of the condition of our health. When a body system or critical organ is in jeapordy, this takes precedence.

What I mean is that the severest issue we have in our bodies gains the most attention. Then, when we address it, something else comes up. Something less threatening - to our bodies.

Many people view this as a regression, a falling back, a getting off track. I disagree. I got this from a Healer, Queen Afua. You see, our bodies work like a Lotus Flower. Our worst issue is like the outermost part of the lotus flower. It gets our attention first. Then, as we address our issue and resolve it and work our way to the innermost part of the flower, and heal deeper, we encounter other issues that were not as critical, but are still in need of healing and care and nurturing.

Eventually, we get to the core or the root of our issue and discover the problem. Core problems require a journey to get to them. They are not symptoms or surface issues. Issues are like signals. They catch our attention and direct us to our destination - the problem, our challenge.

When it comes to being truly beautiful, you are like flowers. You are like the lotus flower. Don't be discouraged by what you find on the outermost petals. Be encouraged and continue on your path to the innermost part of the flower. As you continue your journey whether it be hair, health, beauty or any and all these journeys, read those signs and guideposts correctly.

A petal does not make a flower, but a flower makes a petal. Use symptoms to direct you to the destination, the core problem. Heal as you go and spiral up the path to true beauty.

True beauty is not about addressing symptoms that you cover up and/or hide away. True beauty is about digging deep and nurturing the source and the essence of who you are. If you deal with symptoms, it's like putting lotion on the petals of a cut flower to keep them moist. It's a losing battle. When you beautify at the core, it's like watering a Lotus flower with roots deeply planted in a watery pond. It's alive and has the possibility to be beautiful and growing and healthy.

Water yourselves like lotus flower. Don't waste your time putting lotion on dying petals. Address the problem and the symptoms will go away. Your being will shine and illuminate whomever you encounter and wherever you step.

Bloom and be beautiful, just like the lotus flower.


Sparkling Flame said...

Preach girl!!!

AGrlCanMAC said...

Great post!

ChocolateOrchid said...

So true! Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!!! Your post is so inspirational!

Laquita said...

Great post! Glad to read I'm not the only one who talks to those magazines :o)

Black girl with long hair said...

lol... this is SO TRUE! we have fallen into an instant-gratification beauty system with all things: hair included! i've seen plenty of lazy natural women, and lazy relaxed women. i don't think we grasp the time/effort it takes to re-learn the hair and nurture it...

on a side note, i'd like to follow up with you on my blog (the book is out, yes?) hit me up when you get a chance...

Cocoa Bella said...

OMG you talk back to the magazine too???!!! LOL I thought it was only me ;) I have Queen Afua's book also and she has some very wise words. Your article was great, by reading it, it has reminded me to pick up the book and address some issues i'm having with possible cervical cancer. Thanks again for this great article.

Makeup Theory said...

What a beautiful, inspirational post. And your writing is wonderful, soothing, professional. I am a beauty writer so (right or wrong) sometimes it's hard for me to enjoy a blog's message when the writing is choppy and poorly presented. And as a former celebrity makeup artist, I am often annoyed with the "quick fix" beauty advice so prevalent in our society. I try to get my clients to think of the overall person, not just the newest blush color. Thank you for such an insightful read. I will be following your blog posts.