Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aguas and Afros: You Can Make Anything Work -It's All About Your State of Mind

I spent two weeks in Mexico City and some days in the Mexican Caribbean. I decided that I only wanted a carry-on bag. So, that meant no liquid filled bottles. Translation: No hair care products for me on the beach!

I took my toothbrush (for my hair-not for my teeth), my hairbrush and my doo-rag. The only thing I purchased was some gel to hold down the 'fort'.

Every day I would wet my hair and use my fingers to slick it back then gently brush the out of place hairs. I had NONE of MY products except the Xtreme Gel that I am trying to get away from.

You know what? I had one of the best vacations and time of my life.

Do you know why? Because I released the idea of trying to do and be perfect. I took what I had and worked with it. I made the best of what I had. Since I thought it was cute, I projected a confident attitude. I felt good about my hair and how it looked.

It is not about this kind of hair texture or that kind of hair texture. It is about embracing what you have and working with what you've got. It is about knowing that you have done your best with what you have and then moving on from there.

Your state of mind controls how you experience the world around you. You control your state of mind. Aguas and Afros mix just like oil and water. It may not seem like they go together. But once you find the right "binder", you got it.

To make oil and water mix, you have to add a binder like guar gum. It holds the oil and water together to create an emulsion or cream like substance.

To make afros and agua (water) mix, you have to add a binder: the right state of mind. It holds your afro and water together to create perfection out of a less than a perfect situation. In my book, that's excellent. In the end, it's about excellence, not perfection!

Hit those beaches and strut your stuff. Life is to be lived whether that be under the Tuscan Sun, or the Mexican Sun. Get out there. Lead the way. The world knows you are beautiful, but do you know it?


Wes said...

Girl your hair is GORGEOUS! I too visited Mexico not too long ago (Riviera Maya), and I had that same attitude. I didn't use anything but conditioner to style my hair and it was fab!

Maria said...

Beautiful picture! I've never been to the beach with natural hair (just pools) and I will take your advice with me.

Chic Chocolate said...

You have beautiful hair!! Although my hair is relaxed, trust that I don't have any issues with getting my fun in on the beach! A good set of hairpins and some good hair wax will always do the trick for me. I don't have phobias about getting my hair wet.