Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tired of the Back of the Bus Treatment for Afro Textured Hair

Yes, I know that it's a new day, otherwise we wouldn't be seeing the changes that we are seeing in the White House. In America, I know that folks are not relegated to the back of the bus anymore, either. I wish I could say that about hair.

I was over on because I love to check out the new books on hair care. There is a number one book in the category. The premise of the book is fantastic. It mentions how to cut, color and style your hair to look your best. Then the dreaded back of the bus comment shows up:

"This book will show you how to: Identify your hair type... including ethnic hair."

What? I thought the book was for hair, all hair. Why is it that when something pertains to people of color, we are lumped into the 'ethnic group' or section? Isn't EVERYBODY part of some ethnic group?

This is what I mean by back of the bus treatment for afro-textured hair. It is hard enough for us to stretch when we look at these books and magazines because very rarely are their many flattering pictures of afro-textured hair within the covers. So we stretch and overlook it and try to glean what we can from the information that we can apply to our hair.

What adds insult to injury is that not only are there very few pictures, we get the, "Oh yea, by the way we got something for you, too honey. It's in the Ethnic Section".

You can keep your book, and I will keep my money. Who wants to be an afterthought, a secondary focus, another channel to expand their market for money sake? Not me.

You and your afro-textured hair are an economical powerhouse. Can you say 600 billion dollars strong? Would you ignore or treat a market that spends 30% more on personal care products than some groups combined, with 600 billion dollars worth of change jangling in their pockets?

It is time to stop accepting the back of the bus treatment for afro-textured hair. Sit in the front, better yet, get off the bus and purchase your own ride- in cash, of course!

Want to learn more about the powerful African American female consumer?


Janet in Atlanta said...

I love your blog. I have to battle constantly to stay in balance in all areas of my life, it's an ongoing thing. But its definately more fun when I have friends who are of like mind to travel with me on the away.

I have also learned that the joy is in the journey and not the destination. I was lost to that point in the past.

Thank you for that wonderful post and I look forward to your book, it is time we come to the front with our own on all levels !!

My hat's off to you!

afiba said...

AMEN sister! I plan to visit you more often! COngrats on the book!