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Friday, June 5, 2015

How to Grow Afro Textured Hair Long: A Two Part Equation by Chicoro

One of my favorite topics is hair, specifically how to gain healthy length. I like to have options and knowledge often times can provide opportunities and options. Long hair is NOT a necessity to be beautiful. But, too often, women with afro-textured hair have been exposed to and indoctrinated in the mythology that our hair doesn't grow!
In this video, I discuss a two part equation for gaining length:
Optimize internal growth (with growth aids) + Maximize length retention = Longer Length
You can optimize internal growth with growth aids. The most effective ones have three (3) components: anti-microbials, vasodilators and sulfur based nutrition or vitamins. In combination with these, you want to do things to preserve the hair structure. In my book, Grow It, I go into detail, on a very basic level on how to gain length on the hair strand by preserving it.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I enjoy reading them and hearing from you. Your comments and questions also help me to determine what I need to say differently and/or what else you may want to learn about that I can teach. Continue to Beautify yourselves bit by bit!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Unkindness is Ignorance

 When a person says mean things or does means things, they are ignorant because they do not realize their power.  Over and over, when people are unkind, this signifies that they are not happy. They are discontent with who they are as a person or they are not satisfied with their life situation. What they don't realize is that they have the power to change how they feel within and they have the power to change the manifestations of their outer or external life. They just don't know. They are ignorant. It's not up to us to control what others say or do. What you can do is control what you say and do. You are also able to develop a profound understanding of what is occurring around you. That way, instead of reacting, you can immediately recognize what is going on, pull back, make a thoughtful assessment instead of lashing out instinctively to protect yourself. Let me show you what I mean.
When I was in high school, I remember waking up this particular day to put special care and attention into picking out my outfit. I did my hair and make-up, too. I felt really good and thought that I looked so cute. I got to class and this really popular and pretty girl came up to me. I was surprised because she never really spoke to me before. She stood directly in front of me, made eye contact, looked me up and down in my face and said,"Ahm, no. Go home and try again." Then she walked away. At the time, I was very confused as to why someone who was so pretty and popular would make such an obvious effort to be unkind. In retrospect, I now realize that with all that seemed to be going well for her on the outside, she was unhappy on the inside. She was ignorant of the fact that she could change her situation. There was one other component of which she was not aware as well.
Words are very powerful. They are full of energy. Words are tangible components. The voice produces waves that can be measured and tracked. What you say, what you think and what you feel are very powerful. Your words can build up a person or tear him or her down. THAT'S how powerful they are. THAT'S how powerful YOU are.
The next time someone says something that you perceive to be unkind or they do something you don't like, instead of tallying it up as another hurt, analyze it with your mind. That person's unkindness has NOTHING to do with you. It has every thing to do with how they feel about themselves. Don't react and take it personally. I know this can be so difficult to do, yet will save you so much life energy 'at the end of the day'.
That is because you realize that a person's unkindness toward others is a reflection of how they truly feel about themselves and is a symptom of their ignorance of their own personal power. Instead of letting their mean words and insensitive actions yield power over you to hurt you, see it for what it really is: their belief in that they have no power. It is a LACK of power on their part.

Use this knowledge to empower yourself. Try to refrain from turning around and throwing their ignorance in their face. Be the bigger person. That is because you are the bigger person. You know the strength and the depth of your power and thus, that of others.

Don't react and say something back to hurt the person or to protect yourself. Why not? Because it's not who you are. Why allow someone else make you act in such a way that is not a reflection of who you really are? Why allow someone to change who you are? You are not mean or unkind. Lashing out will make you seem as if you are.

It's not necessary. You are powerful in knowledge of who your are. You know that you can change your internal or external compass if your situation is currently not to your liking.  You don't have to lash out. You just simply need to change your thoughts, and  your actions will follow and what you envision for yourself will manifest in time.
Embrace the power that you have. Be aware of it. Use it to beautify yourselves,  those around you, and our world, bit by bit!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When You Love Yourself, You Tend to Think of the Needs of Others

Why? When you love yourself you are good to yourself. You give yourself the best food you can afford, you care for your physical body with exercise, you avoid relationships and interactions with people who aren't good for you. You ensure your finances are stable so that you have options. In summation, you give yourself what you need and require. Does it mean that your life is perfect? Of course not! Does it mean that you will have everything you want? Nope! What it does mean is that you have met your own needs. You are fulfilled, whole and healthy. You don't HAVE to have other people in your life to make you feel whole and complete. You provide what you need to yourself.
I remember the last week of my father's life. At the time, I didn't know that he would be dead seven (7) days later. I arrived to see him on Friday. My mother told me that we had one more doctor's visit on Monday. I was confused but tried to be quiet. Daddy, mommy, my dad's two brothers and I, went to the doctor's office. Daddy couldn't walk well so his brothers assisted in getting him in and out of his wheelchair and into the car. Daddy was light and easy to lift. I know because I helped a bit to get him into the back seat.
His voice would leave him off and on but I learned a trick! I'd give daddy some water to drink and that seemed to help him speak better. My uncle's wheeled daddy into the office and I sat at his feet, waiting for our turn to see the doctor. I wheeled him in with my mom while my uncles remained in the waiting room, with the other patients and their loved ones.
The doctor looked at my dad and told him there was nothing else that could be done for him. My dad's voice started to go, so I got some water, and my mom gave him a sip. He asked, "Why not?" The doctor told him his health needed to stabilize before he could be put in any future trials.
Mommy told me to go and get my dad's wheelchair so we could get ready to go home. I obeyed and left to retrieve the chair. On the way back, I saw the doctor leaving the room where my mother and father remained. He came up to me, opened his mouth to speak and began to explain.
I don't know why, but I cut him off and put my hand up to stop him. I said, "You don't have to explain to me. I know that every time you have to tell your patient that you can't do anything else for them, that a piece of you dies along with them. I know that you have done all that you knew to do."
This dignified, elegant, well spoken African American doctor just looked at me and quietly nodded his head. He dropped his eyes and his shoulders wearily to the floor. He stepped away, turned his back and entered into his private office and gently shut the door. I watched him silently the entire time. I stared at the closed door for the briefest of moments. His nurse came up to me and touched me, which brought me back. She said, "That was God...what you said".
I pushed open the door where my father and mother were. My father was weeping and my mother held him in her arms to comfort him. I had never seen my daddy cry before and his tears punched me in the stomach. I gripped hard and tight to the handles of the wheelchair. My eyes went from his face to mother's and back to his. I left the room. Mommy got daddy back into the chair.
What happened next, I will never forget. My father dried his eyes and schooled his face. He made sure that when he passed through that office, filled with all those other scared but hopeful cancer patients, that he didn't steal away their hope. He thought of their needs. He looked as if nothing was wrong. No one in that waiting room had any idea that he had been told that his life was at the end.
Trusting in the wisdom of my father as always, I had followed suit and schooled my facial features as well. I saw the patients search my father's face and then my own face for clues to his prognosis, and ultimately, clues to their own prognosis.
At that moment, I was so proud of this man, my father. He thought of the needs of others. He put all those people before himself.  He made a conscious decision not to steal their joy and hope by not letting them know about his situation. The only tell tale sign was that unlike before, my father was so heavy to lift. Before he was light and easy to lift, and now he seemed to weigh 10x more than before. My uncles strained and grunted getting him in the car. Again, I helped and I too felt his heaviness.
My daddy taught me many powerful lessons throughout my life and time with him. This lesson was one of the most powerful. During the last seven days of his life, I would be privvy to several more profound life lessons.
That day, my father showed me not in words, but in deed and action, that when you truly love and care for yourself, you will put the needs of others before your own. Learn to truly love yourselves, deeply and profoundly. Even in your darkest hours, you will have all that  you need. Loving yourself takes time and understanding and will beautify you bit by bit.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Billions of Lights

Have you ever slunk into a room because you weren't feeling so attractive that day? Have you ever walked across a room brushing against the wall so you don't step too far out into the middle of the floor and be seen and attract attention? Have you ever played down your accomplishments or achievements because you didn't want to take the attention off someone else? Have you ever tried to tamp down your shine so you won't make others uncomfortable?

I used to do it all the time. It wasn't because I thought I was so fabulous and wonderful, it was because of just the opposite. I listened to the lies of others around me who reminded me of my place: average, quiet and in the corner. They reminded of my place because it was where they had been living when they encountered me. Since that was the space they occupied, of course the expectation was that I should occupy that space, too.

Let's talk about cells. There is a connection. In theory, a healthy functioning cell, within the human body works much like a spark or a battery. When there is plenty of oxygen around the cell membrane and the right material within the core of the cell, a miniature flame or spark is created and the cell revs up. The healthier the human body, the more light it supposedly emits. Now, if you have a billion cells in your body and they are emitting light, what's that make you look like if you are trying to turn down the lights so you're not shining as bright as you can? How much sense does it make to try to turn out billions of lights? Oh, and let me remind you that ahm, cells are constantly being created. So even if you did turn out the billions of lights, you would STILL not be able to tamp out all that light completely.

Stop dimming your lights because some misguided, unhappy person, with diminished light is trying to tell you that you are shining too brightly. The essence of who you are is light and shine. Could a billion cells be wrong? The next time you feel the need to play down your achievements, your accomplishments and who you are, think twice. In fact, think a billion times. You were made to shine, literally and figuratively. I hope you never hold back, or make excuses for who you are. Be yourself and do your thing, beautifully! Every day, let that little light shine bit by bit!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Pit-Stop of "Doubt and Pain"

A pit stop is defined as a brief rest, especially during a journey. The pit stop of "Doubt and Pain" is the place you may  find yourself at some point in your life, during your journey. In the big picture, your 'rest' there, too, will only be brief. Even the greatest of us have moments of doubt and pain.
In these moments,  of great doubt and pain, your detractors (haters) will be present, too! Not only that, they will ensure that they make themselves known to you.
You may experience:
  1. The moment when doubt slams into your carefully laid out path and plans.
  2. The moment when the pain is so intense and consuming that your heart will actually ache and you can barely take your next breath.
  3. The moment when your detractors (haters) will grin with glee as they watch you pass through your doubt and pain, relishing and enjoying every moment of your discomfort.
These things like to come together, like Three Sisters. These, too, will pass. Actually, YOU will pass THEM by.
When these three things come up, remind yourself and know that you are on a journey. You are moving, sailing into the sunset; a place of glorious light filled promise-toward your future successes. Your detractors, well, they are firmly planted on the shore, unmoving, stuck.
Eventually, you will be triumphant.
During our moments of triumph, we hardly give our detractors a second thought. I would encourage you to try to catapult yourself to your moment of triumph right now at these low moments.  When you are suspended in the throes of your moment of  doubt and  pain, with your detractors onlooking and salivating, make them [your detractors] as insignificant right now as they will be when you are triumphant. Use your mind and heart to project yourself to that place and time in the future. Try to create that future in your heart and mind when you need it, when the Three Sisters are present.
As for the doubt and pain, it's just a pit-stop, a temporary place for you.  You are just passing through. As for your detractors, well, they are rooted to the ground, mired in a permanent tar pit of unhappiness. They may never get out.  That's not  your issue or concern. I'll take a pit-stop over a tar-pit any day. You move on from a pit-stop. It's hard to escape a tar-pit. Your successes and triumphs are waiting and gently beckoning  you to ease on down the road. So pull up to the bumper, keep it running, and then get going. Beautify bit by bit!